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royalty free music licensing

How to Properly Use Our Downloadable Music for Free

Tracks For Streamers created the perfect soundtrack for your livestreams and episode posts on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook and more! All of our music is FREE... no membership or monthly fees required! 

There is only ONE rule that you must adhere to in order to properly use our music without receiving a DMCA copyright strike... You MUST post a credit of our music in your project description in order to avoid a copyright strike. Examples of a proper way to credit us: "Music By: Tracks for Streamers" or "Music By: « Song Title » from".

  1. DO NOT register our music to the Facebook Rights Manager Service. (It will result in a copyright strike)

  2. DO NOT claim our music as your own. (It will result in a copyright strike)

  3. DO NOT register our music in any store/platform. (It will result in a copyright strike)

  4. DO NOT make music, song, or remix with our music. (It will result in a copyright strike)

Stream Free Music During Your Livestream

Simply stream copyright free music during your livestream directly from Spotify, Apply Music, Amazon Music, YouTube or any other streaming platform.

Download Our Music Licensing Agreement and Free Music

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Once you subscribe below, you will receive the free link to the royalty free music licensing agreement and free music.

You can also stream our music directly from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, aka all music streaming platforms!   

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